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MIchelle Phillips

I know at times over the past year plus I have sounded like a broken record pleading, begging, cajoling and demanding that people wear masks in public. I do this because there are people in our society that need a constant reminder to do the right thing to protect others.

Well, today I want to plead, beg, cajole and demand that everyone eligible (16 and over right now), get a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines have been around for decades, and the vaccines on the market for COVID-19 have been thoroughly tested, despite being developed in a short amount of time. In fact, data from current trial results are being examined and the 12-15 age group will likely be approved for the Pfizer vaccine next week. 

I totally understand the initial “wait and see” attitude that some people have had, but those that still blatantly refuse in spite of five months of vaccinations, no longer have that excuse. You have waited, you have seen others get vaccinated, now it’s your turn.

Another argument I have heard is, “other people need it worse than I do.” No. The fact is, more than half of Wisconsin’s eligible population has had at least on dose of a vaccine. Fully vaccinated people are at 43 percent in the state. This means most of the vulnerable populations have received their vaccinations.

I have heard people complain about the inconvenience of finding a shot, but more and more pop-up and worksite vaccination clinics will be available over the next few weeks. There was one at MOM (Middleton Outreach Ministries) on Wednesday. State run clinics are also offering walk in vaccinations now.

I have been fully vaccinated and surpassed the two week waiting period before the vaccine is fully effective. Since I had been vaccinated, I determined it was safe to judge the World-Wide Mustard Competition and was pleased to learn that everyone at my table had also been vaccinated. There is no way I would have felt comfortable eating with strangers, pre-vaccination. 

I am now feeling better about conducting interviews in person, maskless with those who are vaccinated and masked with those who are not. I also feel better about going to events, though, again, I will continue to wear a mask in public settings in which I have no way of knowing who is vaccinated.

I am looking forward to warm weather and my husband being fully vaccinated so we can go to patios and eat and have drinks. We have not eaten inside a restaurant since before the lockdown last March, although we have ordered carryout often to help keep our local restaurants afloat. Other events I will have to play by ear. 

I know that most of you are concerned about your fellow man and the greater good of our society. Part of the responsibility of living together in our world is caring for one another. Not just our own families and friends but doing things you may not want to for those you don’t know. It’s the quintessential adulting task–taking care of your fellow man. So please, get out there and get vaccinated.

If you are looking for a place to get a COVID-19 vaccine, go to and you can search by location and vaccine type.

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