Red’s & Falbo Bros. Merge in Middleton

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Cameron Bren
General manager Ryan Shesky from Red's, and now Red's Falbo Brothers, pulls a fresh pizza pie from the oven to cut up to sell by the slice.

MIDDLETON–Ted Speerschneider, who left the Falbo Brothers Pizza Franchise to start his own pizza place, Red’s, returns to the company partnering for Red’s Falbo Bros.

“I was Falbo’s, I became Red’s and now I am Red’s Falbo,” Speerschneider said.

He closed Red’s on Parmenter Ave. and moved his staff and equipment into the location on Allen Blvd. on Aug. 1.

Speerschneider started the first Falbo Brothers Pizza franchise in Middleton in 2003.  “We’ve been at this for over 15 years in Middleton making pizza and selling it by the slice,” he said.

The Middleton man said he does the most he can to give back including being a platinum sponsor at high school for over 10 years.

“We try be your local place for people to come and get a slice of pizza and get involved in the community,” Speerschneider stated. “That’s what our niche has been for the last 15 years.”

Three years ago when Falbo Brothers was bought out, Speerschneider said he was being pressured to sign an agreement with the new owners that would have cut into his profit margins. Falbo Brothers then opened the location on Allen Blvd. 

At that point he decided to go off on his own and started Red’s Pizza. Red for Speerschneider’s red hair.

Speerschneider said he had outgrown his Parmenter location. “You can only do so much sales out of the side of a little gas station,” he stated. 

Falbo Bros. on Allen Blvd. was having trouble gaining new customers in an already saturated market and trouble maintaining staffing, Speerschneider explained.

“Instead of working against each other why don’t we figure out a way to work together and that is what we have done,” Speerschneider said.

As the first Falbo’s franchise Speerschneider said he developed a lot of the menu which has been used as a model for new franchises.

The menu didn’t change much when switching to Red’s and will continue the same menu at Red’s Falbo Bros. He adds that there will also be the same familiar faces from Red’s including four people that have worked with him for more than five years. 

Speerschneider said what makes good pizza more than anything is the freshness and preparation. Two things he takes serious in any place he runs.

The slice business has taken a bit of a hit in the first month but they are going to keep reminding people about it. “We are going to let people know we are still the best place to grab a quick two slices and a soda for $6,” Speerschneider reminded.

Speerschneider said he most excited to be in a new location that is actually built out as a restaurant. He also likes his new neighbors. 

“We’re right next to Mid-Town Pub, which is a Middleton staple, and Neil’s Liquor so we are happy to be where we are at now,” Speerschneider concluded.

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