ETS Performance Opens Training Facility in Middleton

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Top to bottom: NFL player Adam Thielen, right, works with a trainer at on of ETS’s facilities; ETS Perfomance is a new athletic facility that is opening in Middleton on May 3. The business helps athletes of all ages achieve thier training goals.

MIDDLETON–Ryan Englebert had aspirations of becoming a NFL football player from the age of three, but a life-threatening car accident in 2003, when Englebert was 21 years old, stopped that dream short.

“I was told I would likely never walk again,” he recalled.

But Ryan did walk again and trained his was to onto the field and into the Cincinnati Bengals training camp. And although his goal to be a professional football player didn’t come to fruition, Englebert realized that training was about more than physical strength and endurance, it was also psychological. It was about life lessons, and character building, and from that was born his training company, ETS Performance.

Englebert opened his first training facility in Woodbury, MN in 2010, and the business has grown to 15 locations. A new facility is opening in Middleton at 8845 S Greenview Dr Suite 7-8 on May 3 and will be the first in Wisconsin.

He said that the training facility helps athletes achieve their goals no matter their playing level.

“Whether you are a high school student trying to make the varsity team, or a professional player try to reach your goals, we can help,” Englebert said. “I feel every community can benefit from the training.”

Former University Wisconsin NFL football player Brooks Bollinger had known Englebert since college and was eager to try out ETS at Hill Murray High School where he had his first coaching job.

He said that there was some skepticism about bringing in a third party with funds for high school programs tight. The training was approved, and Bollinger said it helped the student athletes develop strength and speed as well as enhance the culture of the program.

“You have to deliver a message of excellence, but also have to do it the right way,” said Bollinger, who added that it’s important to deliver a consistent message to students. 

He believes in the program so much that he will be the company’s partner at the Middleton location. He has also signed up his high school, freshman son, Miles.

“I’ve noticed a change in confidence and how he carries himself, Bollinger said.

Englebert said the wholistic approach his company takes with training includes a nutrition app and supplement training as well as physical training. 

He said he has received feedback that kids do better in school, are more respectful and hold themselves to a higher standard.

When someone initially comes to ETS, they are given and evaluation by the director of operations and matched with a trainer. Athletes then work together in small groups to help push one another toward their goals. They may also work one on one with a trainer or in teams. 

NFL player Adam Thielen, a partner at all of Englebert’s locations, said he began training with ETS in the off season and found it to be a good fit for him right away. He said he could see that training translating to the field and improving his game.

“I wanted to be involved and open gyms with him and help as many athletes as possible,” Thielen said of his partnering with ETS in 2016.

“You can get a good work out anywhere,” he said, but ETS has helped him off the field as well in areas of relationships and faith. 

“This is not a one size fits all plan,” said Englebert. “We do everything different.” 

Over the years, Englebert said his company has worked with about 25,000 athletes, around 150 who play professional sports.

The Middleton ETS Performance will offer a free month of training for the first 50 student athletes that take the free evaluation. The offer is open to students age 8-18 and parents can register kids on the company’s website, or by emailing

More information can be found at or by calling 608-820-1660.

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