Warrant, Affidavit & Names of Officers Released in WTS Paradigm Shooting

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Officers named in the WTS Paradigm shooting, left to right: Richard O'Conner, MPD; Tyler Loether, MPD; David Lambrecht, DCS; Matthew Earll, DCS

MIDDLETON–In documents released on Sept 21, new details came out about Anthony Tong, the man shot and killed by police as he wielded a gun at WTS Paradigm, where he was employed, on the morning of Sept. 19. Tong shot four co-workers at the software company, 1850 Deming Way, three critically, and the fourth receiving a minor injury.

The search warrant for Tong’s home at 9738 Gilded Cider Blvd. turned up a pellet gun, gun parts, gun building tools and a stockpile of hundreds of rounds of ammunition. In addition, Tong, 43, was in possession of tactical equipment, including three ballistics vest and helmet. The warrant was made public on Friday, and also states that one of Tong’s coworkers was shot 10 times. 

According to an affidavit from the Sioux Falls, SD Police Department from an incident that occurred on Aug. 11, 2004, Tong should not have been in possession of weapons at all because his concealed carry permit was revoked by a judge.

The document stated the following:

• Sioux Falls officers arrived at a call to an apartment building after the officer manager called police to tell them he had been notified by Midwest Alarm Company that a horn that sounds during a fire was disabled from a fire alarm located in one of the apartments.

• Officers went to Tong’s apartment to question him about the fire alarm. At the time he seemed to be evading their questions and refused them entry to the apartment.

• After contacting supervisors, police were told to enter the apartment due to public safety concerns. It was at this time officers noticed that ceiling fans, ceiling lights, smoke alarms and other electronic items attached to walls and the ceiling had been disabled.

• Tong told police he disabled the items because people in the apartment beneath him were eavesdropping on him. They noted that he was defensive and evasive, taking a long time to answer simple questions.

• Police felt Tong was acting strangely when asked several times if he had anyone in the apartment with him. An officer then asked to check the other rooms and Tong backed toward a closed bedroom door.

• Officers, fearing for their safety, handcuffed Tong at which time they discovered he had a 40 caliber Model 239 Sig Sauer handgun with a double magazine pouch on his belt. It was fully loaded and had a bullet in the chamber. He also had pepper spray, a pocket knife and a folding spider cone knife on his person.

• Officers entered the bedroom and found an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a large amount of ammunition. When questioned about the weapons Tong would only say that they were for protection.

• Tong was asked if he had considered shooting another person, and he did not answer, but, rather, sat with his head between his knees. At this time officers believed Tong to be a public danger. He then told officers there were people at work talking bad about him but did not elaborate.

• Police took Tong to the Mental Health Unit at McKennan on a 24-hour mental hold.

At the time, Tong had a valid concealed carry permit issued in South Dakota. After a hearing concerning the incident with police, the judge revoked his concealed carry permit on Nov. 1, 2004.

The names of officers involved in the shooting, who fired at Tong, were release on Friday as well. Middleton police officers, Richard O’Conner, and Tyler Loether were named in the incident.

O’Conner is a daytime patrol officer and a member of the police training team in Middleton, an active shooter response trainer, state certified firearms instructor and less-lethal tactics instructor. He has been with the Middleton Police Department since 1998.

Loether is currently the resource officer at Middleton High school, and part of the police training team. He has been with the department since 2012.

Deputies from the Dane County Sheriff’s office were identified as David Lambrecht and Matthew Earll.

Lambrecht is has been with the sheriff’s office for 21 years and is currently on the department’s traffic team.

Earll works in child support enforcement and has been with the sheriff’s department for 11 years. 

All of the law enforcement officers are currently on paid, administrative leave until an investigation by the Dane CountyDistrict Attorney's Office is complete.

WTS Paradigm employees shot in the incident remain hospitalized, with two listed in good condition and one in fair condition.

The company released the following statement on Friday afternoon:

Our community is very fortunate to have an incredible group of first responders.  From law enforcement to emergency medical workers and all others who assisted during Wednesday’s tragedy, these selfless men and women are true heroes. To them, we again say thank you. Further, to the local Middleton businesses and organizations that have offered us support and reached out to us these past few days, thank you. This is why we are proud to call Middleton home.

As we move forward, WTS Paradigm is supporting and helping its employees by providing important support and services to them as they begin the process of working through this traumatic event. Our thoughts are with our three colleagues who remain hospitalized following their injuries. We appreciate the fact that the public understands that all of our employees need and deserve the time to privately grieve and cope with this life-changing event. We have encouraged our employees to fully cooperate with law enforcement as the investigation continues, and we ask that anyone with any additional information about Wednesday’s incident to contact authorities.

Finally, we want to clarify that Mr. Tong was an employee in good standing and was not facing any type of disciplinary action. We, like everyone else, are shocked and saddened by this senseless act. The WTS Paradigm team remains strong, and we will get through this together with support and help from colleagues, family, friends and the community. We will find the strength to recover and move forward. 


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