Mustard Results in–Wholegrain Dijon Grand Champion

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MIDDLETON–Bornier Wholegrain Dijon Mustard has won the Grand Champion award at the 2021 World-Wide Mustard Competition. This is the third Grand Champion award for Bornier. It also captured top honors for its classic smooth Dijon in 2014 and in 2020. Bornier is produced by Européenne de Condiments in Couchey, France.

Nearly 300 mustards from around the world entered this year’s competition, held under the direction of Barry Levenson, curator and founder of the National Mustard Museum in Middleton. Judges tasted mustards from as far away as India, Japan, and Sweden.

The National Mustard Museum, home of the world’s largest collection of mustards and mustard memorabilia, has coordinated this annual blind tasting since 1995. This year, more than forty judges sampled mustards in seventeen different categories: sweet-hot, mild, honey, classic Dijon, whole grain, classic hot, pepper medium, pepper hot, horseradish-wasabi, herb- veggie, garlic, fruit, spirit, American yellow, deli, exotic, and mustard-based BBQ sauces/glazes/marinades.

The Grand Champion was “revealed” in a live Zoom call at which several well-known chefs and writers (Mark Bittman, Sandor Katz, John Curtas, and Keith Sarasin) who had participated in the final round judging commented on the 17 Gold Medal winners from which the Grand Champion was selected.

Pommery, the venerable French mustard maker, won six medals, including Gold in the Spirit and Garlic categories. Beaverton Foods (Oregon) took home five medals and both Tigertail (Tennessee) and the Swedish mustard maker LissEllas earned four each.

The National Mustard Museum has survived the pandemic and is now open seven days a week. The museum will host its annual International Mustard Day on Aug. 7.

The top three winners in each category are as follows:

Category 1–Sweet-Hot Mustard

Gold: LissElla’s Sot ö Stark

Silver: Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard with Honey

Bronze: MABS’ Atomic Mustard

Category 2–Sweet-Mild Mustard

Gold: Frost Ridge Champagne Maple Mustard

Silver: Terrapin Ridge Smoky Maple Bacon Mustard

Bronze: LissElla Sot ö Slat

Category 3–Honey Mustard

Gold: Honeycup Uniquely Sharp Mustard

Silver: Pommery Moutarde au Miel

Bronze: Linden’s Gourmet Honey Mustard

Category 4–Dijon Mustard

Gold: Maille Dijon

Silver: Pommery Dijon

Bronze: Bornier Dijon

Category 5–Wholegrain Mustard

Gold: Bornier Wholegrain Dijon Mustard (Grand Champion)

Silver: Tigertail Oktberfest Whole Grain Mustard

Bronze: Boetje’s “Dutch” Stone Ground Mustard

Category 6–Classic Hot Mustard

Gold: Tracklement’s Strong English Mustard

Silver: Colman’s Original English Mustard

Bronze: Minokyu Hot Mustard

Category 7–Pepper-Mild to Medium Mustard

Gold: Cherchies Hot Banana Pepper Mustard

Silver: Inglehoffer Sriracha Mustard

Bronze: Silver Spring Chipotle Mustard

Category 8–Pepper-Hot Mustard

Gold: Terrapin Ridge Nashville Hot Mustard

Silver: Pommery Moutarde des Pompiers

Bronze: Tigertail Honey Habanero Mustard

Category 9–Horseradish/Wasabi Mustard

Gold: Inglehoffer Horseradish Wasabi Mustard

Silver: Silver Spring Beer ‘n Brat Mustard

Bronze: Kelley’s Gourmet Mustard

Category 10–Herb & Veggie Mustard

Gold: Haus Barhyte Dill Mustard

Silver: Inglehoffer Bread & Butter Pickle Mustard

Bronze: Clovis Herbes de Provence Mustard

Category 11–Garlic Mustard

Gold: Petits Gourmets Moutarde à l’Ail et à l’Echalote (Garlic & Shallot Mustard)

Silver: Woogie’s Roasted Beer Garlic Mustard

Bronze: Killer Bee Whole Seed Garlic Mustard

Category 12–Fruit Mustard

Gold: Old Brooklyn Pear Mostarda

Silver: Beaver Cranberry Mustard

Bronze: LissElla Havtorn (Sea Buckthorn)

Category 13–Spirit Mustard

Gold: Pommery Moutarde Royale (Cognac)

Silver: Plochman Bourbon Mustard

Bronze: LissElla Speyside (Whiskey)

Category 14–American Yellow Mustard

Gold: Plochman’s Mild Yellow Mustard

Silver: Sir Kensington’s Yellow Mustard

Bronze: Morehouse Yellow Mustard

Category 15–Deli/Brown Mustard

Gold: Tigertail Maple Spicy Brown Mustard

Silver: Sir Kensington’s Spicy Brown Mustard

Bronze: Kosciusko Spicy Brown Mustard

Category 16–Exotic Mustard

Gold: Daddy Cooks Exotic Ginger Curry Mustard

Silver: Pommery Truffle Mustard

Bronze: Atlantic Mill “Under the Sea” Seaweed Mustard

Category 17–Mustard Based BBQ Sauces

Gold: Tigertail Rendezvous Sweet Glazed Mustard

Silver: Four Rivers BBQ Sauce

Bronze: Gorman’s Stormin’ Sauce

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