Dahmen Files Complaint Against School Board Clerk

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David Dahmen, the middle school science teacher who wishes to run for a seat on the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School Board, filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Board today. Dahmen's complaint is against school board clerk Annette Ashley, who ruled two weeks ago against placing Dahmen's name on the April 2 ballot.

Dahmen’s candidacy papers had been challenged by Jim Greer, the Area 1 School Board incumbent whose seat he hoped to win.

Dahmen had filed a response to Greer’s challenge, but Ashley concluded Dahmen’s nomination papers “have not been timely filed, and were not in the physical possession of the filing officer by the statutory deadline as required by [Government Accountability Board] rule 2.05(2).”

Greer’s challenge was based on photocopied signatures of support Dahmen initially provided to the school district’s filing officer. The incumbent on Jan. 7 filed a challenge based on the fact that Government Accountability Board rules require original signatures rather than “facsimiles.” Dahmen turned in the originals after the official filing deadline has passed.

In his complaint, Dahmen alleged that Ashley "improperly denied [Dahmen's] placement on the ballot... ."

"I am not a lawyer, I am a public servant (teacher) and a private citizen seeking a local office," Dahmen wrote in today's complaint. "I readily admit that I did not file my nomination papers according to the 'letter of the law' as reviewed by Ms. Ashley. I did however file my papers in a reasonable manner, and in substantial compliance with GAB rules."

"I ask the GAB to consider that if situations like mine result in the disqualification of potential candidates, only the well connected and the well financed will be able to seek local offices, such as the one I seek," Dahmen wrote.





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